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Plumbing Installation

Smith Mechanical offers a wide variety of plumbing installation. From retail to medical office buildings, we specialize in a wide variety of projects. Our team of highly trained and experienced mechanics will work with you to get the best quality at competitive prices. Whether your project is big or small, we will make sure that we honor your schedule by arriving on time and completing the project in a timely manner while adhering to the highest level of quality. You can trust Smith Mechanical on your next project.

Medical Gas Installation

Medical facilities rely on delicate and complex systems that require an expert hand and high standard adherence. Smith Mechanical rises to the challenge of service to medical facilities by superseding standards and expectations, making us one of the most reliable companies to work alongside local medical facilities.

For the last two decades, Smith Mechanical has installed Medical Gas systems in surgery centers, assisted living homes, dental offices, and MOB clinics. We hold to the current NFPA 99 and local standards. We also ensure that our mechanics remain up to date on all standard requirements for the medical field by incorporating continual education courses and conducting yearly brazing certifications. Smith Mechanical is and will remain to be a trusted ally of the medical field.

Pre-Construction Design

Smith Mechanical offers a unique opportunity in our Design/Build Plumbing Projects. Design/Build allows us to provide beginning-to-end, hassle free service on your plumbing projects. How do we manage this? By partnering with you from design to execution you remain aware of the status of your project. We will meet with owners, architects, and end users to design and engineer each project to your satisfaction before proceeding to the construction phase. Contact us for more information on this great opportunity.

Smith Mechanical partners with an experienced and trusted local engineering firm to help you design your project. Integrity and High Quality are our core values, thus we will only bring the best engineers to work alongside you in your project. Our engineering partners will map out your project through the use of 3D formatted drawings so that you can see your vision come to life.

Our next step will be to help you price out your project with our Estimation Staff. Cost is the least pleasant part of any construction project. Smith Mechanical wants to help you achieve your dream building in or below budget as well as remove the stress of budgeting. Our Estimation Staff brings their financial and construction expertise to the table to help you map out the financial pathways that will lead to a completed project.

Finally, Smith Mechanical will use building integration management to see the whole project come to fruition. We will be with you every step of the way to guarantee that the vision you have for your building project comes to life as the final product once construction is done. Contact us for more information on this special offer.

Piping Installation

Pipe work is the blood veins of a building; if the pipes don’t work, the building (like the body) shuts down. Smith Mechanical understands the importance of properly functioning piping for commercial structures. Our master plumbers are experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining a large variety of pipework and will always be up to the challenge of installing new types of piping as well. We will make sure everything is flowing in the right direction.